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Flatland: Synopsis

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❶Flatland is a thin book—about pages of Victorian prose that now seems somewhat quaint and old-fashioned. It is now a pleasure in store for many.

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From Letter to Spirit: Review of Flatland, by Edwin Abbott. Strange are the tales of travellers, decisive the effect of experience upon previous speculations, and marvellously appropriate the morals brought home from outlandish quarters. Such are the reflections suggested by the attractive little book now before us [ Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions ].

It tells of a region more unfamiliar than that of giants or pigmies, of anthropophagi, or men whose heads do grow beneath their shoulders. It throws a light on the Abbott was out for fun when he wrote his friendly little geometrical romance, and it is good to see that the old wine is no worse for its new bottle. It is still a pleasant tonic, and an excellent stimulant for boys.

Hitherto, only a few have enjoyed Flatland. It is now a pleasure in store for many. A Romance of Many Dimensions, pp. Barnes and Noble, Inc.: In an address to the Committee of the Cayley Portrait Fund in Clerk Maxwell, after referring in humorous terms to the work of Arthur Cayley in higher algebra and algebraical geometry, concluded his eulogium with the lines—.

You and I live in three dimensions. His tale—a provocative, always lively blend of science fiction, pure mathematics and social satire—recounts his discovery of the third dimension, and his fate at the hands of his fellow Flatlanders for daring to tell about it. Flatland is a thin book—about pages of Victorian prose that now seems somewhat quaint and old-fashioned.

Scientific Imagination and Natural Christianity. Edwin Abbott's Flatland , published under a pseudonym and scarcely acknowledged by his biographers, has become the best-known work of this late Victorian clergyman and headmaster.

Princeton University Press, Flatland first appeared over one hundred years ago and a dozen different editions have been published since then.

Why now put out a new edition of this book in the Princeton Science Library? For each generation of readers, Edwin Abbott Abbott's classic story of encounter between beings from different dimensions has had different significance Victorian Studies 36, no.

Edwin Abbott was one of Victorian Britain's most fascinating and wide-ranging figures. Appointed headmaster of the City of London School in at the age of twenty-six, he quickly developed a reputation as a leading educational reformer, championing the introduction throughout the curriculum of such subjects as natural science and English literature.

During his quarter-century at the CLS, Abbott published, in addition to Flatland and the Quest for the New. When perceptible amounts of new phenomenal being come to birth, must we hold them to be in all points predetermined and necessary outgrowths of the being already there, or shall we rather admit the possibility that originality may thus instill itself into reality?

Smith, Jonathan, Lawrence I. Berkove, and Gerald Baker. Flatland, Newman, and the Theology of Probability. In Philomythus , his belated attack on John Henry Newman's Essay on Ecclesiastical Miracles , Edwin Abbott rejects Newman's claim that accounts of miracles do not require legal proofs: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Praises mathematician Ian Stewart's annotated edition of Flatland and includes a list of works, both fiction and nonfiction, inspired by the novel.

Flatland functions as a geometry lesson, a satire of Victorian England, and an attempt to mediate the nineteenth century debate between science and religion. As a geometry lesson, the novel illustrates basic concepts of dimensionality in a manner appealing to young readers. Abbott, who was the headmaster of the City of London School, recognized the value of entertainment in instruction and advocated a broad, liberal education for his students.

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Get an answer for 'how does the image of a penny on a table help the reader visualize flatland in flatland: a romance of many dimensions?' and find homework help for other Flatland questions at eNotes. SOURCE: Banchoff, Thomas. Introduction to Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, pp. xv-xxxi. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, In the following introduction to the edition of Flatland, Banchoff provides an overview of the novel and discusses its relevance for a contemporary.